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RMP Sponsored Regional Workshops

As a part of Risk Management Professionals’ commitment to supporting the creation and implementation of high-value CalARP, RMP and PSM Programs, the company regularly organizes and hosts complimentary regional workshops providing training and key tips for addressing significant technical and regulatory challenges.  

Workshop attendees gain valuable insight from the materials presented by local, state, and federal regulators, industry experts, and Risk Management Professionals’ engineers. Workshop agendas are created based on topics that will immediately benefit regulated facilities, their staff members and community, while addressing the dynamic regulatory climate and requirements, evolving industry standards, and other subjects determined to be relevant by the regulated community as well as local, state, and federal regulators.

If you are interested in having Risk Management Professionals assist your organization with a one-day regional workshop, would like to host a workshop at your facility, or have suggestions for workshop topics, please contact us.

Upcoming Workshops

*We will continue our outreach and education online through our webinars, TechTips, Process That broadcasts, and LinkedIn page.*

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