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Recent Projects

Midwest Biomethane Production Compliance Audits

Our team conducted Compliance Audits for multiple biogas processing facilities in the Midwest, USA. These facilities, in partnership with landfill owners and dairy farmers, provide renewable energy (biomethane), which is injected into pipelines to be commercially used by consumers and displace fossil-based fuels.

Biofuels Production in the Midwest United States

Risk Management Professionals has provided HAZID facilitation and scribe support for the feasibility design phase of a grassroots biofuels production plant in the Midwest, USA. The process synthesizes hydrocarbon fuels from plant-based sugars.

Oil Well Extraction Compliance Audits in the Alaskan North Slope

Risk Management Professionals conducted a series of Compliance Audits for remote upstream Oil Well facilities subject to RMP/PSM. Prevention Program requirements, site policy, documentation records, and accuracy were evaluated for multiple facilities to ensure consistent and complete compliance for safe well activities.

Aerospace Fuel Systems Storage Process Hazard Analysis and Atmospheric Modeling

Risk Management Professionals evaluated potential hazardous impacts and safety systems for a flammable/toxic chemical storage system used for rocket fuel testing with atmospheric modeling and a PHA.

Metal Panel Manufacturer

Risk Management Professionals is supporting compliance efforts with a insulated metal panel manufacturer in switching active ingredients for more green and sustainable substances. The PHAs consider many hazards not evident in other uses of common hazardous chemicals. Facilities are located throughout the United States and under various jurisdictions for compliance.

Refinery Compliance Audit in the Southwest United States

Our team conducted the core Compliance Audit activities on-site for with the purpose of verifying that the implemented programs, including procedures, training, and practices, were being adequately followed and implemented at the facility. This also included verification of personnel awareness of program requirements and completeness of documentation and records. The scope of the audit included RMP/PSM-covered processes which overlapped to total 27 unique processes/units.

Cogeneration Facilities Program Development Support

Risk Management Professionals provides CalARP/CAPP/RMP/PSM Program development support to multiple facilities in California and Nevada.  The scope of work consists of prevention program development, facilitation of the PHAs/HRs, development of SOPs, reviewing and documenting maintenance procedures, evaluating RAGAGEP applications, and conducting dispersion modeling for OCAs.

Metal Finishing / Electroplating Facilities CalARP Support

Our team provides CalARP Program development and support to several metal finishing and electroplating facilities in Southern California, including Hazard Assessments/OCAs and regulatory submittals, dispersion modeling, and development of related documentation.

Pharmaceutical Facility CalARP Ongoing Program Support 

Risk Management Professionals is responsible for assisting in tracking deadlines and updates for a CalARP Program Level 2 Compliance Workbook. The facility utilizes piperidine and hydrofluoric acid in a variety of processes on-site.

Industrial Refrigeration Facilities Ongoing CalARP / RMP / PSM Support

Risk Management Professionals provides CalARP/RMP/PSM Program services for numerous industrial refrigeration facilities including cold storage, ice cream manufacturing, produce storage / packaging, beverage bottling, and food manufacturing. Our team is responsible for providing guidance, supporting RMP/PSM/CalARP program development and implementation, facilitating PHAs/HRs, and supporting Triennial Compliance Audits.