Key Services for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Risk Management Professionals (RMP) is committed to assisting facilities in obtaining compliance. RMP engineers are well-versed in industry regulations, specifically Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS), including:

  • New SEMS Program Creation
  • Transformation of an Existing SEMP to Meet Current SEMS Requirements
  • SEMS Gap Audits
  • Third Party Verification of Your SEMS Program
  • Practical Application of all SEMS Elements
    • Safety & Environmental Information Analysis
    • Management of Change
    • Operating Procedures
    • Safe Work Practices
    • Training
    • Mechanical Integrity
    • Pre-Startup Reviews
    • Emergency Response and Control
    • Investigation of Incidents
    • Program Audits
    • Practical Approaches to Records and Documentation

Additionally, RMP offers services which assist facilities in meeting internal requirements or generally accepted practices.  RMP engineers are specifically adept at providing the following services:


See our free webinars, including our acclaimed Offshore Facility SEMS Series, as well as the paper written by Steven Maher entitled “Paradigm Shift in the Regulatory Application of Safety Management Systems to Offshore Facilities” which was published in Process Safety Progress and presented at the Global Congress on Process Safety.

Risk Management Professionals was also one of the instructors at a March 2015 BSEE-Sponsored Course entitled “Process Safety Management Through the Lens of SEMS”.

RMP can also provide custom workshops at your facility or office. Please contact us to speak to an engineer about your specific needs.


RMP’s Experience dates back to the Landmark PSSDS Effectiveness Study – see “Offshore Platform Safety Shutdown System Effectiveness,” Safety Developments in the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Glasgow, Scotland, April 1991. Since then, Risk Management Professionals has been involved in projects of paramount importance to offshore process safety programs.