Water & Wastewater

Key Services for the Water & Waste-Water Industry

Risk Management Professionals has extensive experience providing services to the water and waste-water industries. As part of this experience, we have developed comprehensive planning documents and conducted detailed assessments for facilities ranging in serviced population from several thousand to over twenty-four million people. Our ability to adapt to small and large-scale projects allows us to offer a wide range of diverse services, including the following:

Additionally, Risk Management Professionals offers services specifically for water and waste-water facilities that utilize regulated chemicals for treatment and disinfection, including the following:

The RMP/PSM and CalARP inventory thresholds for common water & waste-water chemicals are detailed in the table below:

Regulatory Chemical Thresholds
Regulated Substance CalARP EPA RMP OSHA PSM
Anhydrous Ammonia 500 pounds 10,000 pounds 10,000 pounds
Aqueous Ammonia 500 pounds 20,000 pounds 15,000 pounds
(All) -20% -44%
Chlorine 100 pounds 2,500 pounds 1,500 pounds
Sulfur Dioxide 500 pounds 5,000 pounds 1,000 pounds