Power Generation

Key Services for Power Generation Facilities

Risk Management Professionals has extensive experience providing a wide range of services to power generation facilities. Whether assisting facilities with compliance with government regulations or internal requirements, RMP’s engineers are well-suited to provide cost-effective and high quality services.

Many power generation facilities utilize large quantities of regulated chemicals, which requires compliance with government regulations. The specific chemicals utilized vary depending upon the process, however, the following list provides some common examples of regulated substance uses:

  • Aqueous Ammonia for NOx reduction
  • Anhydrous Ammonia for NOx reduction
  • Flammable Materials (e.g. isobutane, pentane) as the working fluid in geothermal power plants.

RMP is committed to assisting facilities in obtaining compliance and RMP’s engineers are well-versed in industry regulations, specifically:

Additionally, Risk Management Professionals offers services which assist facilities in meeting internal requirements or generally accepted practices. RMP engineers are specifically adept at providing the following services:

Risk Management Professionals’ experience in supporting numerous power plants allows RMP’s engineers to provide comprehensive advice and identify facility vulnerabilities or areas of improvement.