Hazardous Materials Inventory & Business Emergency Plans

In order to protect the safety and health of the community and facility personnel, along with the environment, facilities handling, storing, or utilizing hazardous materials are required to submit Hazardous Material Inventory and Business Emergency Plan (HMI/BEP) Disclosures pursuant to Health and Safety Code 25503.3. The requirement for an HMI/BEP Disclosure depends on the hazardous material inventory stored, handled, or utilized onsite and for California facilities, includes hazardous materials and waste in quantities equal to or greater than 55 gallons, 500 pounds, or 200 cubic feet of gas at standard temperature and pressure.

The HMI’s provide information on the location, amounts, and storage of hazardous materials. While the BEP focuses on facilities’ emergency response procedures, including procedures for personnel response, training of employees, evacuation and hazardous material location maps, safety systems and identification of alarms. This information assists emergency responders in planning for and handling emergency events involving hazardous materials.

As stated in Health and Safety Code 25503.3, the HMI/BEP Disclosures are required to be recertified annually. If a change at the facility has occurred in quantity of previously disclosed hazardous materials, added hazardous materials previously not disclosed, or
a change in business ownership, address, or name, then the HMI/BEP may need updated on a more frequent basis.

Risk Management Professionals has worked with numerous facilities in completing their HMI/BEP Disclosures.

Our understanding of the regulatory requirements in addition to local requirements allows us to provide a quality HMI/BEP Disclosure to the local Administering Agency or fire department. The key to ensuring a complete HMI/BEP Disclosure is to ensure all hazardous materials onsite are inventoried and verified. We work with facility personnel to identify and locate all hazardous materials onsite. In addition, emergency response procedures are evaluated for adequacy and documented appropriately.

An essential part of the HMI/BEP disclosure is a map indicating location of hazardous materials and evacuation routes. RMP provides drafting services, which allows us to develop and include a concise map, consistent with the requirements of the HMI/BEP Disclosures. In addition, this provides added value to the local emergency responders in your area.

Our previous work with Administering Agencies and completion of HMI/BEP’s allows us to provide a quality product to ensure your facility’s compliance.