Emergency Preparedness Training

Emergency Preparedness Training

The purpose of emergency preparedness training is to educate personnel about potential hazards and the associated effects and to practice responding to emergency situations.  Training is essential to the effectiveness of an Emergency Response/Operations Plan and should be completed in the following cases:

  •  Initially when the plan is developed
  •  For all new employees
  •  When new equipment, materials, or processes are introduced
  •  When procedures have been updated or revised
  •  When exercises show that employee performance must be improved
  •  At least annually

In parallel with the development of Emergency Response/Operations Plans, we provide support training and implementing the plans.  Risk Management Professionals has direct experience developing emergency preparedness training programs and assisting clients in the development of emergency drill plans and tabletop exercises, in planning response scenarios, facilitating the drills, and evaluating the outcome of the drills.

Risk Management Professionals has developed several training options for agency personnel to develop a customized emergency response training program.  The types of training options vary from Familiarization Training Courses (ERP Overview and SEMS/NIMS) to Full-Scale Multi-Agency Exercises with full field deployment and resource mobilization.  The agency may select training options depending on the detail, time investment, and level of participation.  A rigorous training program includes all of the training options over a substantial period of time, starting with the familiarization training and concluding with the functional or full scale exercise.  However, the agency may decide to mix-and-match the various training options to meet specific needs.

To implement an Emergency Response/Operations Plan, the following training options are available to the agency:

  • ERP Familiarization and ICS/SEMS/NIMS Training (including FEMA Certification courses)
  • Tabletop Exercise
  • Functional Exercise
  • Full Scale Multi-Agency Exercise