Ammonia Refrigeration

reta_WhiteKey Services for Ammonia Refrigeration Facilities

Risk Management Professionals has been an active and supportive sponsor for the Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association (RETA) for over ten  years and currently has a member on the Los Angeles Chapter Board.  As of 2016, Risk Management Professionals has be an active supporter for the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR), participating in membership, national conferences, and holding a position on the Marketing Committee with the organization.  As part of the Marketing Committee, Risk Management Professionals was a key participant and author for the 2018 IIAR State of the Industry Report.

Since 1995, Risk Management Professionals has gained extensive experience providing services to the ammonia refrigeration industry. As part of this experience, we  have developed comprehensive planning documents and conducted detailed assessments for facilities ranging in size from a small skid to tens of thousands of pounds.  Our ability to adapt to small and large-scale projects allows us to offer a wide range of cost effective services, including the following:

Please see our Commonly Regulated Chemicals’ Threshold Quantities Table for Anhydrous Ammonia inventory thresholds for several programs including RMP, PSM, CalARP and CAPP.

Risk Management Professionals strives to aid ammonia refrigeration facilities to comply with the regulations, prepares documents, works closely with the client to ensure proper submission of documentation, and interacts with the local Administering Agency (as appropriate). In addition, in order to ensure a useful, recognized program, Risk Management Professionals works with facility personnel to ensure everyday activities are adequately captured, documented and compliant with recognized industry standards. This may include assistance with written operating procedures and preventive maintenance schedules. Our strong knowledge of regulatory requirements grouped with industry standards and best practices allows Risk Management Professionals to develop and implement an effective safety program.